The ENRICH Project team is comprised of community leaders/organizers, academic researchers and an advisory group of non-profit organizations.

  • Community Leaders/Organizers

Denise Allen, Africville
Jonathan Beadle, Pictou Landing First Nation
Dorene Bernard, Indian Brook
Tom Bridget, Shelburne
Miranda Cain, North Preston
Lucky Campbell, Lincolnville/Upper Big Tracadie
Irvine Carvery, Africville/Halifax
Adelard Cayer, Shelburne
Louise Delisle, Shelburne
James Desmond, Lincolnville/Upper Big Tracadie
Mary Desmond, Lincolnville/Upper Big Tracadie
Cathy Hartling, Lincolnville/Upper Big Tracadie
Sonya Isaac-Surette, Acadia First Nation
Lynn Jones, Truro/Halifax
Cheryl Maloney, Indian Brook
Mary Manning, Shelburne
Amanda O’Connell, Shelburne
Janet O’ Connell, Shelburne
Crystal Parsons, Lucasville
Dolly Williams, East Preston

Academic Researchers

Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Associate Prof., School of Nursing*
Dr. Mikiko Terashima, Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Science Program*
Dr. Sheri Price, Assistant Prof., School of Nursing*
Dr. Wilber Menendez Sanchez, General Science Instructor, NSCC
Dr. Ilene Hyman, Assistant Prof., School of Public Health at University of Toronto
Constance MacIntosh, Associate Prof. and Director, Health Law Institute*
Janet Hatcher-Roberts, Assistant Prof, Epidemiology & Community Medicine, University of Ottawa
Ellen Sweeney, Health Science Researcher, Atlantic PATH

* Dalhousie University

  • Research Staff

Dave Ron, Research Coordinator
Shelina Gordon, Research Assistant
Beau Ahrens, Research Assistant

  • Non-profit Organizations
    Advisory Group

NS Public Interest Research Group
Ecology Action Centre
College of Sustainability at Dalhousie University
Halifax Blue Dot Movement
GPI Atlantic
In My Own Voice
Eduterra Consulting
East Coast Environmental Law Association
South End Environmental Injustice Society

  • Students and Volunteers
Abena Amoako-Green
Sadie Beaton

Robyn Beckett
Courtney Bonner
Fred Bonner
Angele Clarke
Sherrian Garcia
Matthew Green
Caitlin Hinton
Lisa Ladouceur
Peter Lund
Lauchie Maclean
Taylor Milne
Courtney Morrison
Andrea Pavez
Rebekah Persad
Julianne Stevenson
Julia Stoughton
Vinidhra Vaitheeswaren

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